Acquisitions That Happen


Each of our clients have outlined their buying criteria from which we developed the following summary of what they are looking for:

  • Revenue: $2 million - $50 million. 
  • EBITDA: 10%+, minimum $500k, each of   last 3 year. 
  • Competitive Position: Significant barriers to entry.
  • Growth: Defined organic growth. 
  • Industries: All except resources, retail, restaurant, real estate and franchises.
  • Technology Risk: Little or none
  • Key Management: Preferably continuing or successors identified.
  • Location: United States, Canada.

Meridian Business Advisors have over 25 years experience completing acquisitions

Clients Targetting . . .


Serial Entrepreneur

Owner of diverse manufacturing companies in US, Canada and Europe interested in acquiring • manufacturers and distributor of engineered products particularly automobile, aviation and medical devises, • B2B services particularly aviation-related. with EBITDA $750k - $3m and located in GTA or South Florida. 


Experienced Buyers


Clients have specific interest in these business sectors: 

· Testing and measurement 

· Commercial HVAC 

· Telcom network services 

· Waste management facilities.


Private Equity Firms

Toronto-based active management buyer of small - mid sized, steady cash flow commercial and industrial businesses in US and Canada. 

Quebec-based, funded private equity with a mid-market investing track record, are in search of light manufacturing and distribution in Ontario and Florida, with $5m-$50m revenues.