Solutions for Lease Brokers

Cross Border Leasing

  • Meridian Business Advisors work with lease brokers to get funding for equipment leases where the customer is in one country and the vendor is in another. We resolve delivery and acceptance issues that ensure the customer is not obligated under the lease until satisfied with the delivered equipment. We make arrangements so the lease funder is secured before payment is issued. We  manage foreign exchange issues and ensure the transaction is completed.

Solutions for Challenging Leases

  • Often with smaller owner-managed companies, issues can arise that put the business out of reach of your usual funding sources . Not long enough in business. Poor credit reports. Not sufficient value in used assets to support a sale-lease back. Higher rates than the customer wants to carry.  We have come up with solutions for these and other situations. Let us know the issues and we will use our 30+ years experience to see is a solution can be found. However, we make no promises of success, just our experience and hard work