Cross Border Leasing


Need to fund a lease for a vendor’s customer located out-of-state or out-of-province? You have a roster of lease funders to draw upon. But what if you need to fund a vendor- originated lease for an out-of-country customer? Not so many, if any, lease funders to go to. 

If ‘not so many’ is your answer, we may be able to assist. US and Canadian equipment lease specialists, with over 70 years combined leasing experience, have teamed up to facilitate cross-border leasing. And not just across the US-Canadian border but with European vendors and end-users.

Lease Brokers: The Right Solutions

  • Problems: The lessee has credit issues? The lease rate from your funder is too high? Used asset values do not support a sale-leaseback? Other issues that prevent you completing a deal.
    Solutions: If you have any of these issues or others that cause your funders to reject deals, we may be able to assist. Our combined 70 years lease financing experience can be put to work sourcing and structuring funding options for special situations. Be assured you will have our best efforts and experience working for a solution. Of course, we cannot guarantee results. Let us see the deals you cannot get funded. If we cannot help, we will tell you promptly.